Commissioned Jewelers Bench made primarily from recycled doors.

Wildflowers by Clive Grey


Commissioned Dresser is made from Sapele (Ribbon Mahogany) and Wenge.

Wildflowers by Clive Grey


The Claw is made from Ash, Cedar and Cholla Cactus. A work in progress.


This dresser is the 1st of 3 commissioned. It is made from Teak and Sapele with soft close drawers.


Redwood Under Glass~ Table is 30 inches tall, 16 inches wide and 70 inches long.

It is made of Maple, Recycled Redwood, Glass and Polycarbonite.


This art deco table is made entirely from bloodwood finished with a clear coat. The subtle pattern on top was inspired by the fabric on the chairs in the home of the people who commissioned the piece.


This table was commissioned for an entry area. It is made of Curly Birch, Jatoba and Maple. The top is not inlaid or veneered. Instead it is a solid wood lamination which means if you turn the table over you will see the same pattern on the bottom as the top. The table is finished with a clear coat.


This table was commission for an entry area as well. It is made entirely from Cocobolo with a clear coat.


These three little tables were designed to be a cross between nesting tables and stacking tables. when they are put together they appear as one table. They are made from Maple,Jatoba,Curly Birch,Sapele and Wenge. They are all finished with a clear coat.


This table is named “The Russian Beauty”. I found this small stump in a dusty little corner of a wood supplier in Idaho. I dragged it home with me only to set in a dusty corner of my shop for about three years. Finally inspiration struck. The little stump is out of the dark corner into the light. the top is heavy glass which has been chipped, etched and sandblasted. The bottom is Russian Olive with White oak and wenge. The wood is finished with a clear coat.


These nightstand tables are made of solid black walnut. The curves are all bent laminated walnut They are 24 1/2 inches wide by 26 1/2 inches high. The drawer has a small compartment for small jewelry. They are unfinished.


This table is named “The Hang Up”. It was inspired by the Russian Beauty. It is designed to hang on a wall and is very well suited for a small entry or alcove. It has a built in hanger for easy installation The top is heavy glass which has been chipped, etched and sandblasted. The base is Cedar and Elm with a clear coat.